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Where it all started 

I'm Charlotte! All For Luv Creative started as an act of love- capturing the small moments for one of my closest friends weddings.

Since then, it has blossomed into an opportunity to capture memories for other’s living out their love story. 
Content Creation is more than just taking videos and photos on a phone, it is a way to capture moments from a creative perspective for you to share to loved ones far and wide. I
t is a tool to have and "unplugged" event so that your guests are present in the now and not living your event from a virtual point of view. 

Wedding and Event Content Creation is for the modern couple who doesn't want to miss any moments of their day. We work side by side with your photographers and videographers ( we do not replace) in order to bring your memories to life. 

founder of All For Luv Creative, Charlotte Haligowski
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